Algo V18 Extreme

Attention: Stock, Options, Commodities, and Forex Traders . . .

Yes... YOU can beat the PROP traders and Institutions at their own GAME!

But you’ll need…

  • Proven tactics to make sound trading decisions
  • Cutting edge technology and great auto-execution
  • Trade system optimization skills

Would it Be Valuable To You If…

  • You had access and knowledge to run and manage a prop firm’s trading system.
  • You had access to optimize a strategy that could be applicable across multiple markets in various time frames?
  • You knew what the “average” and "above average" risks were in your system.
  • You knew as long as your internet was connected you could trade fairly against the market PROs.

These Are The Types of Trades YOU WANT!

What's been your biggest struggle?

You've probably been there yourself: one day you're confident because your trades have been profitable, maybe more than you could imagine.

The next day, your trades go down the tubes and you become super hesitant. You can't bear this emotional roller coaster, and you quickly lose focus.

Trust me, it happens all the time. I should know - I've lived through it for more years than I care to share.

  • Market start to move and you want in but you missed the bid
  • Markets are flat for hours but the minute you walk away the trade you've been waiting for happens...AND
    you're not in!
  • You get in the market but get stopped out, get in again and the same thing happens. But the one trade you should be in, you are NOT... because your confidence is so crushed!
  • You buy in and get stopped out, but your research said to reverse the trade and you don't and that turns out to be the big Winner and you missed it...


  • Traders Need Reliable Information
  • Traders Need Technology
  • Traders Need Good Execution
  • Traders Need Profits
  • Traders NEED FREEDOM
  • Traders DON'T need Psychological Hang-ups!

But if you're reading this, you already know which facts are essential when trading the market!

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