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March 17, 2023

In our efforts to continue to help our loyal customers, shares educational tools and services to become proficient in the use of trading platforms. To open an account click here

Here is a link to a list of recordings from using the TD Ameritrade / thinkorswim platform

Webinar Recording Presentation from April 19th, 2016 below. Click on image to begin replay.

Below is a recording of a Tasty Trade presentation referencing John Person’s Indicators on the Thinkorswim Platform.

Here are some of the Resources that Cindy wanted to share with our Customers:

  • To import any of share link into your TOS platform, click on the share link from inside any TOS chat room or copy/paste into top right Setup– >>Open Shared Item of your TOS platform.
  • VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY IMPORTANT: BE SURE to give it a name you can remember when prompted to Re-Name
  • Now go to the respective part of TOS to access the tool you just imported.
  • Scan query – click on circle with lines top right of Scan to Open Query.
  • Add, delete, and edit the scan filters to best meet your needs. Then click on tiny circle with lines to Save Query. This will re-save the scan query with your changes.
  • Custom scan Retail Buying (price rising on decreasing volume) :
  • Custom scan Potential Breakouts (price consolidating with ImpVolatility rising in the absence of a catalyst like earnings):
  • Custom scan Ichimoku – example of how to have both AND and OR in same custom scan filter:
Use the below step-by-step instructions for creating a watch-list of symbols that have liquid options.

Create a scan filter for most active options – symbols with highest average daily options volume in the prior month :

Follow these steps once/month to create a personal watch list of those symbols with highest average daily options volume in the prior month.

Then you can select your personal “active options MAR2016” etc. watch list top left of Stock Hacker or Spread Hacker to ensure that any symbol found in your scan results does have high average daily options volume.

  1. A few days after month end, go to : link
  2. Click on date for the most recent month (for example, today you would click on 3/2016 )
  3. Open the Excel sheet and go down the list of symbols to symbol 100 or 200 (depending on how much liquidity you want/need). Highlight those symbols and right-click — >>Copy
  4. Go to TOS platform and click on the name field at top of any watchlist — >> select Create Watch List
  5. Name your new watch list “active options MAR2016” or something similar
  6. Click on Import, then click on the Paste circle and save your new watch list
  7. HINT: now you can go to Stock Hacker and click on top right menu icon (square with lines) to Load Query, then use top left to drop in the new watch list into “Scan in” (to narrow results to only those symbols that have liquid options)

Repeat the process first week of every month.

After you create a most active options for xx month watchlist, select your most active options watchlist at “Scan In” top left of Stock Hacker. Add your other criteria and click on top right circle with lines to Save Query.

NOTE: If you already have a saved query with your other options trading criteria, click on top right menu icon (square with lines) to Open Query then use top left “Scan In” to drop in your new most active options watchlist. Click on top right menu icon to Save Query for ability to re-save with the new most active options watchlist.

Open your saved query as a watchlist and it will keep scanning and automatically updating symbols found.

Below is the video presentation from March 8, 2016 with John Person and Cindy Faber

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