John LIFETIME Package

John Person’s LIFETIME Advance Trading System is for the professional Hedge Fund, Registered Investment Adviser and Advanced Multi-class Investor and Trader. Alerts investors to sector rotation and breaks down the top stocks in the various sub-sectors.

Persons Pivots support resistance levels, PPS bull and bear signals, HCD & LCD signals, LCC breakout levels, Momentum Histogram, Volume trend tool Proprietary Scans, Radar Screen programmed with all the above to give early warning analysis.

Charting Analytics:

Persons Pivots Indicator: which uses a moving average component to determine market trend outlook, bullish for up-trends and bearish for down trends. It then projects on the charts the respected support and resistance targets, which are color coded. The package includes Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly time frame analysis.

Last Conditional Change (LCC): levels overlaid for both bullish and bearish price levels.

High and Low Close Doji (LCD / LCD): patterns color coded for easy identification of key buy and sell set-ups using candle charts. Unique copy written studies from John Person.

Advanced / Decline Comparative Ratio Line Analysis: for S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, NASDAQ Composite, Dow Jones, Russell 2000 and the traditional New York Stock Exchange Index.

Proprietary Indicators:

Persons Momentum Histogram Indicator: which gives early warnings of strengthening and weakening trend conditions. It also illustrates bullish and bearish price divergences.

Volume Trend Indicator: a modified version of the “On Balance Volume” Indicator with a moving average component that helps confirm bullish and bearish trend reversals.

Radar Screen: was programmed to determine to show intraday PPS buy/sell signal alerts for intraday, Daily, Weekly and Monthly time periods.

Persons Pivots shows both numeric and color coded that reveals distance to support and resistance in price and percentage terms. PPS bullish and bearish indications, Pivot Point trend identifier, Average True Range.

12 Different Proprietary Scans: for daily, weekly and monthly outlooks. Trend reversals and continuations, trend confirmation, daily with weekly combined trend scans, Trade signals near pivot levels, and unfiltered PPS signals, PPS signals with volume filter.

A time-tested package of logically interwoven trading tools that help corroborate and help support traders to make institutional sized market analytics.

This purchase includes detailed educational support, with unlimited access through your FREE Person’s User Group (PUG) Membership. Monthly webinar meetings, in order to learn how to master the dynamics of this powerful indicator package, are complimentary to all PUG Members.

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John Person’s LIFETIME Advance Trading System is proven to be a vital component of Trading Signals for all markets. This is an indicator for short term Day and Swing traders that automatically calculates the projected Daily/ Weekly and Monthly Pivot Points Support & Resistance numbers based on a proprietary set of algorithms that incorporates the Pivot Point Moving Average as it relates to the close and Pivot Point Value. Also included is John’s set of special COMAS Signals specially optimized and custom tailored for the various markets traded and used daily by John Person, himself. (How to Use John’s Indicators)

Colored arrows appear indicating a change in momentum that illustrates a Bullish Signal and Bearish Signal.

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