Advanced Trading

John Persons trading approach incorporates time tested techniques with the aid of Pivot Points and candlestick charts which help identify the true condition of the markets. This course is ONLIN

Advanced Trading
John L. Person
Trading Expert

About the Course

John Person’s trading approach incorporates time tested techniques with the aid of Pivot Points and candlestick charts which help  identify the true condition of the markets. If you believe market prices are simply the reflection of human emotion on perceived CURRENT VALUE and focus on what the market is doing rather than what the market might do, then you are ahead of the crowd in understand how markets function. With that understanding you will then be able to have the confidence to act swiftly and execute or trigger into a trade or position in the market.

In this course John will teach you a new trading approach, how to combine his technical analysis with cycles and seasonal patterns,the information on this course uses the Person Sentiment Indicator and should be able to help everyone for short trading and long term trading.

Course Content

  • Chapter 1: Japanese Candlesticks & Proprietary Setup Patterns
  • Chapter 2: Indicators and Oscillators – Understand the differences and when to use and not use them
  • Chapter3 : Pivot Point Analysis
  • Chapter 4: Moving Averages
  • Chapter 5: Person Pivot Indicator
  • Chapter 6: Order Entry Tactics, enry, exits and stop orders
  • Chapter 7: Derivative Markets Stocks & Exchange Traded Funds
  • Chapter 8: Basic Option Strategies
  • Chapter 9 : Cycles – Economic, Business, Stocks, Commodities and Currencies
  • Chapter 10: Seasonal Patterns
  • Chapter 11: CFTC COT Reports
  • Chapter 12: Mental Preparedness: Techniques that will help improve patience, discipline and emotional hang-ups. Trading is a mind game, it has mental and physiscal consequences. John teaches time tested techniques that he has used for nearly thirty years to help overcome fear & greed. He shares with you simple techniques and speific examples as well as the rules so that you can custom tailor your own program to help you become a more balanced, successful and stress-less trader.


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If you are considering taking a course from John, I strongly encourage you to do so. He gave me a strong foundation from which to build my own methods. If you are lost as a trader, John will be able to help you. Thank you John, I owe all my success to you!

Loren M.
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I have traded in dozens of trading rooms for over 16 years and I want to relay to others that in my experience John Person is head and shoulders above the rest. The trading system that John has developed works beautifully day in and out in any time frame.

Peter B.
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I wish I would have found you before I spent untold thousands on books, courses, tapes, and other media, some of which aren't worth the paper they're printed on. Any time someone can take the time to give back and help others accomplish that which he or she has learned and profited from it's not only rare, but very admirable, so thank you!

J. McCallum