The PPS Breakout System Strategy

This course provides comprehensive instructions for day trading, covering key topics such as placing entry orders, setting stop loss orders, determining profit objectives, implementing scale outs, and utilizing trailing stops. The course also explores how to apply these techniques to end-of-day and weekly time frames. In addition, the course delves into breakout methods specifically for option traders, including strategies for selecting the appropriate strike price and expiration date. Whether you're a novice or experienced trader, this course is designed to help you master the essential skills needed to achieve success in day trading.

The PPS Breakout System Strategy
John L. Person
Trading Expert

About the Course

The PPS Breakout System Strategy

Course Content

  • Instructions for placing entry orders for day trading.
  • Instructions for placing a stop loss
  • Instructions for setting Profit objectives
  • Instructions for Scale Outs.
  • Instructions for Trailing Stops.
  • Using this method for End of Day & Weekly time Frames.
  • How to use the Breakout method for option traders
  • Selecting the right Strike Price
  • Selecting the right Expiration date


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I have traded in dozens of trading rooms for over 16 years and I want to relay to others that in my experience John Person is head and shoulders above the rest. The trading system that John has developed works beautifully day in and out in any time frame.

Peter B.
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If you are considering taking a course from John, I strongly encourage you to do so. He gave me a strong foundation from which to build my own methods. If you are lost as a trader, John will be able to help you. Thank you John, I owe all my success to you!

Loren M.
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Thank you once again for a great course!!

David T.