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John Person's PUG Group: Person's User Group (PUG) is a once-a-month session hosted by John Person to help teach and train users how to get the most out of the trading tools. The sessions also include training on software updates, as well as stocks, ETF’s or sector analysis. This is the community where individuals can share their experiences and ask question while receiving professional guidance.


John uses his own proprietary method that filters out and reduces excess information overload or what we call unnecessary "noise". This method allows him to project the potential high and low as well as the expected range in a given trading period with a greater degree of accuracy. John Person's Scans for Stock, Futures & Forex opportunities will give you week to week the best trading analysis money can buy using his LIFETIME Indicators.


Posted By: Peter B
Dated Monday, May 16, 2016

5/16/16 - Mr John Person, I want to thank you for what has been for me the best trading room I have ever experienced. After trading every summer for 16 years my wife has finally convinced me to sell in May and go away.
I'm not sure how it will go since I'm a day trader and like the excitement.
I would like to leave a testimonial and you have my permission to use it if you would like.
I have traded in dozens of trading rooms for over 16 years and I want to relay to others that in my experience John Person is head and shoulders above the rest. The trading system that John has developed works beautifully day in and out in any time frame. Furthermore, John's insights to events unfolding in real time as well as his wealth of experience in the markets will give you an edge. Trading is difficult these days but with a real pro in your corner, you will have an advantage over others. Sincerely, Peter B.

Posted By: Randy E
Dated Monday, Apr 18, 2016

4/13/16 - I will have to say, when I signed up for the room I thought the cost was perhaps a bit more than I wanted to pay.  Hmmm, have paid for several years worth in a couple of weeks by paying attention to JP. Thx. Randy E.

Posted By: John Z
Dated Wednesday, Mar 30, 2016

A quick note to let you know that I am closing out the best two week stretch in my long trading career, and the credit goes to you.
Your market sense and insight kept me on the right side of the market and in numerous successful trades.  My biggest obstacle in trading has always been being torn between my long term analysis getting clouded by the short term noise.  You have helped me through this process and I am grateful. I can't express enough my gratitude for all the hard work you do on behalf of your clients.  I know you have mentioned that this work is something that you do for yourself, but sharing it with us on such a timely basis is incredibly helpful and appreciated. Between the tweets, e-mails, advice in your trading room, and of most importance to me, the weekly market thoughts and observations.  I spend Sunday afternoon doing my homework for the week, and it is very enlightening to get your thoughts to help in this process. Thanks, and Happy Birthday on Saturday.  Cheers, John Z.

Posted By: Michael M
Dated Wednesday, Mar 30, 2016

happy easter to the Person family. Thanks for all the training I have gotten from you over the years, even the one on one was excellent!

Posted By: Garrison K
Dated Monday, Aug 10, 2015

Thank you John!  Thank you for making the journey to Kansas City (Overland Park, Kansas) and for your terrific presentation on Saturday morning

Posted By: Loren M.
Dated Wednesday, Jul 29, 2015

7/9/2015- Dear John and Mary, ...Personally, I started trading full time about a year ago. Up until that point, my own market involvement was limited to longer term holdings because I had been told by the ...... that trading was a sucker’s game…and I believed them. However, as time went on, I became so infatuated with the markets, active trading was an inevitable occurrence in my own life. First I started swing trading stocks…then day trading stocks…then day trading index futures, swing trading options and the list goes on and on. I read everything that I could get my hands on (I have a collection of about 25 books), researching until all hours of the morning, and hoping that it would all come together. But it did not. I kept losing money; A LOT of money. After only seven months, I started looking at law schools because at that point in time, the ......... were right.

But then, I stumbled across John on YouTube. I came to the site and became very interested with the services that John provides. I kept eyeing his TTU course while looking for any feedback on it. There was none to be found. I took a leap of faith and decided that I would give this trading thing one more try, but with some help this time. Fast forward four months later; the success that I have had has been nothing less than remarkable. I have come further and faster (mind you) than I ever thought was possible. I have almost fully recovered all prior capital losses, been consistently profitable over the last ten weeks, and perhaps most importantly, absolutely love trading again.

In closing, if you are considering taking a course from John, I strongly encourage you to do so. I am not going to lie and say that John is perfect (he is pretty close though), or I only trade his methods…but what I will say is that John personally gave me a strong foundation in which to build my own methods on. If you are lost as a trader, John will be able to help you. But…in full disclosure, it will not be easy. You will need to put in the long nights and early mornings learning, researching, analyzing, perfecting, and back testing. Because, even though John throws out great trades in the trading room or twitter, isn’t the idea to be able to find them yourself?  Again, thank you John & Mary! I owe all my success to the two of you.

Posted By: Michael T.
Dated Wednesday, Jan 07, 2015

1-6-2015-Please thank John for that amazing analysis of the USO option trade is last nights stock report. Pro at work for sure. cheers, Michael

Posted By: John Z
Dated Tuesday, Nov 18, 2014

Hello Mary, I have been following John Person since early 2010.  Over the years, I have studied many market professionals, but have found none to be of the same caliber as John. John is a consummate professional who is happy to share his knowledge with those willing to put forward the effort to learn trading through his teachings.

Some of the key things I have learned from John is patience, and a method of trading that works for my style of trading. John’s teaching is so broad, that it allows one to find a style of trading that works best for each individual which is imperative to trade successfully.  For so many years I had looked for an individual I could follow, and instigate trades just as he, or she did without a lot of thought on my part.  John has taught me that this is not only an act of folly, but can lead to questioning what one is doing, and at best stop trading, or at worse, blow up an account.

The second, and equally important aspect I have learned from John is patience.  I no longer feel compelled to trade all the time.   I have learned to watch the market and wait for a key set up with maximum potential, and minimal risk.  I no longer take impulse trades.   I am confident to wait, and then to act when the conditions are right.

The last thing I would like to pass along is the people who surround John.  A measure of a persons worth can often be measured by those around him or her.  John seems to attract such high quality people, all of who are more than happy to help and share their experiences, it truly makes being involved in the Person family a delight. Warm Regards, John Z

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